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Agronomy(Jinshaobao Experimenttal Class)
Agronomy(Jinshaobao Experimenttal Class)

Agronomy (Jinshanbao Experimental Class)

In order to meet the high requirement of the development of agricultural science and technology for the quality of personnel training, Jinshanbao experimental class (plant production class) was established on the basis of the intensive agronomy class of Nanjing Agricultural University. According to the general requirement of training "top innovative" talents in the excellent agricultural and forestry talents training plan, a special training program for experimental classes has been set up. Every year, the experimental class is selected from the freshmen in the whole university, and carries out education and teaching according to the "3 + X" comprehensive training mode. In the first three academic years, students complete undergraduate teaching according to the principle of "strengthening the foundation and broadening the professional area". After rolling and final selection, students who have been identified as undergraduate students can choose their major direction in the next three academic years and directly enter the graduate student stage. The experimental class relies on national teaching and research platforms, equips students with the best teaching resources, implements small class teaching, and realizes the research-tour system and tutorial system throughout the courses. This major is guided by the needs of the state and society for talents, based on strong scientific research strength and abundant scientific research achievements, and trains top-notch innovative people with broad and solid basic theory, professional knowledge and humanistic literacy, basic skills in plant production and management, plant genetics and breeding, and strong research ability. Usually 70~80% students enter in the graduate study in top universities and institutes in China or overseas universities.


Employment Fields

· Agricultural Research

· Agriculture Management and Public Services

· Agriculture Business

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